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Selling Guide:

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Grooming Your Yard
Attractive landscaping, including a well-maintained garden area, can be one of the most important indicators of pride of ownership in the property. Enhancing the appearance of your yard is one of the most strategic steps you can take to give your home a positive first impression with prospective buyers.

Costs are often minimal in improving the landscaping and garden, and the owners can handle most of the work. In addition to boosting the home's marketability, the owners benefit from an excellent form of exercise. Creating a colorful and visually pleasing landscaping plan can also benefit the entire neighborhood, motivating others to improve their own landscaping.

Landscaping can appreciably raise property values and pride of neighborhood. Consult with knowledgeable person at a local nursery to determine the best plants that will flourish in your area and soil condition, and require minimal care.

The effort will pay off in a home that will sell faster and for a better price. At the same time, you'll be giving your human body a healthy boost.

Selling a Home? Don't Do This!
Putting your home on the market is a major decision that carries a high stress factor. Sellers sometimes become emotionally overwhelmed from the pressure and make expensive mistakes. Here are some pitfalls to avoid when selling your home.

Don't fail to disclose defects in the property. Disclosure laws require you to reveal information about the home systems, including environmental issues, structural problems, homeowner's association rules and restrictions on use of the property. Many buyers will require an inspection of your property prior to finalizing the sale, and problems you may hope to hide will tend to come to light.

Don't make last-minute home improvements that may not add value. Remodeling takes time, will prolong the work of getting your home ready to show, and won't necessarily please buyers.

Don't price your home too high. Your asking price should be within range of comparable homes in the area that have recently sold.

Don't choose an agent because they suggest a higher price than others.

Finally, don't try to sell your home without help. As an experienced real estate agent, I can help relieve your stress by guiding the transaction.

When It's Your Investment
When you own an investment property, your goal is to get the highest monthly rental with the lowest vacancy rate. How can you accomplish this?

It pays to keep your property in good condition while you are trying to rent it, as well as after the new tenants move in. You obviously want the property to look its best when it is being shown, so the best tenants are attracted to sign your rental agreement. If you work to keep it that way, your tenants are likely to stay around. When something needs to be repaired, be sure the tenants know whom to call to get the job done, and follow up with them to confirm that the repairs were done properly. Arrange for periodic inspections of the property to check for leaking roofs or pipes, termites, mold, defective wiring or malfunctioning appliances. If you are an absentee landlord, it makes sense to hire professionals to keep a close eye on your investment for you. If you have a history for picking substandard tenants you should consider hiring a reputable property manager who interviews prospective tenants and diligently checks their financial and renting history.

Sunshine Sells!
When your home is being shown, you want prospective buyers to feel good as soon as they step into the living room. It pays to give special attention to maximizing the amount of light in your home because dark homes are depressing to many people. When prospective buyers give us feedback on the homes that we show, they often cite a light, airy feeling as a major attraction.
Begin your preparation for showing your home by cleaning the windows, curtains and light fixtures thoroughly. Open the drapes and blinds to let the sunshine in. even on a bright day it helps to turn on some lights, especially floor and table lamps in dark corners. If you are using shades or heavy drapes to eliminate a less-than-perfect view, you may want to consider replacing them with translucent curtains in a light color.

Smoke-free Zone
If your home is on the market, it may sell more quickly if you temporarily make it a smoke-free zone. Non-smokers will object to a pervasive odor of cigarettes, and even if they love the way your home looks, they will probably be turned away by the smell.

The sense of smell is powerful, and it is most closely linked to memory of all the senses. You don't want the most memorable aspect of your home to be an offensive odor. Be sure to keep your home aired out while it is on the market. Wash the walls, shampoo the carpet, and have your drapes and upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. Lightly scented room fresheners can sometimes help. When a real estate agent is dropping by with a prospective buyer, place some fresh, fragrant flowers in strategic areas of your home. The smell of smoke can be a serious issue for many homebuyers; so don't limit your audience.

Top Dollar Suggestions
The better your home looks while it's on the market, the more likely it is to sell quickly, and for top dollar. When you have a listing appointment with a real estate professional, the agent will provide a detailed market analysis along with the advantages of listing with his or her company. He or she will then go through your home with you and make suggestions that will help to present your home at its best.

These recommendations can make some sellers uncomfortable because they are reminders of the little projects they have postponed. Most sellers need suggestions about modifications that will make their home show well, and providing this kind of feedback is an important part of a real estate agent's job. The ideas given to the seller aren't necessarily a reflection of the agent's personal preferences, or a criticism of the homeowner's taste. The proposed improvements are based on the real estate professional's hands-on experience with what homebuyers really want.

Hunting for the Right Home
Serious house hunting can leave you worn out and confused at the end of the day. It is hard to remember which house had the great back yard and kitchen and which one you ruled out because of inadequate storage space. Some of the houses you visited looked familiar like maybe you had seen them before. How can you conserve energy and keep it all straight?
The first step is to find a Realtor who knows the area well and will only show you homes that meet your criteria and that you can afford. Next you should invest in a small note pad in order to keep a record of the homes you visit. Note the address, style and exterior color, as well as something distinctive about the house that will trigger your memory. Make a special note if a house has real possibilities. Jot down important pluses and minuses of each property and share this information with your Realtor. Be sure you have included the MLS number or street address in your notes so the Realtor knows which house you are referring in follow-up conversations. This will help you to narrow down the houses so that you can focus on your favorites.

Tips for first-time investors
When starting out as a real estate investor, you can choose either the conservative approach of holding a property until it increases in value or the riskier approach of flipping, reselling very soon after making some improvements that add value. If you plan on taking the safer approach, keep the following factors in mind when searching for the right investment property.

Look for a house or apartment unit that is close to where you live, so inspecting the property and overseeing maintenance will be easier. Choose an area where there is clear potential for future development, and you will benefit from the inevitable increase in property values. If you have the choice of either buying a newly built or recently remodeled home or a less expensive house in the same neighborhood that needs a cosmetic makeover, buy the bargain property and upgrade it for a better long-term return on your investment.

Begin building your investment portfolio with residential properties that you can rent to single families. These are easier to maintain than large, multi-unit apartment complexes, and represent less of a financial risk. Make a cash down payment of at least 20 percent (or more) in order to secure the lowest interest rates and best financing terms.

Finding a Bargain
Houses that are spotlessly clean and tastefully decorated tend to sell quickly, and for top dollar. There can be substantial savings for home-buyers who are willing to overlook surface clutter or other cosmetic failings of a house.

When you look at a home that needs work, try to imagine it with fresh paint, refinished floors and new carpet. Consider the good things about the house. Would it get more sunlight if the draperies were opened and the windows cleaned? Does the back yard have potential? Try to distinguish between the cosmetic condition of the house and the state of its structure and major systems. Some fixer-uppers need a lot of professional attention from electricians, plumbers and other expensive professionals, while others are true bargains that can be transformed with a little elbow grease, a paintbrush, and your imagination.


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